The world of Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay lives in Australia.

She lives there with her son Adam, her daughter Allison, her dog Plip and her three cats. Her career as an artist started very modestly and despite the unique and remarkable success of her drawings Sarah Kay has stayed modest. She doesn't want any publicity and never gives any interviews not even for commercial purposes.
Sarah started out as an artist for a small advertising agency. After her marriage and the birth of her first child, she began to draw the world as she saw it. A world she wished for her children. That's how the first 20 children drawings came about. The drawings told a story about children and their pets. Sarah offered her drawings to one of the most important publisher of greeting cards; the artistic manager immediately recognized the talent of this artist. The 20 drawings were printed on children's birthday cards and this also meant the triumph of Sarah Kay's drawings.
In several years time Sarah became widely known and loved. We now not only find her drawings on cards but also on numerous other articles: wrapping paper, posters, calendars, T-shirts, porcelain etc. Not only children love her drawings, but also teenagers, parents, grandparents...

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