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Bullets 11

Miscellaneous Bullets 2

Blue "Tick" bullet - Animated

Yellow smiling face

ball.gif (1653 bytes)

Small colorful bullet - Animated

Small earth bullet - Animated

smbb.gif (1031 bytes)

Small blue bullet

Yellow angry face

Yellow sad face

GRPINBULL.GIF (1016 bytes)

Green pin

wb00963_.gif (285 bytes)

Small blue and orange bullet

wb00962_.gif (330 bytes)

Small blue and orange bullet with green spokes

Small CD-ROM bullet

Aqua and purple ball

Animated Atom

wb00934_.gif (195 bytes)

Small magenta square bullet

wb00936_.gif (188 bytes)

Small orange square bullet

wb00954_.gif (195 bytes)

Small green square bullet

wb00944_.gif (425 bytes)

Small dark green rectangle bullet

wb00945_.gif (411 bytes)

Small dark purple rectangle bullet

wb00947_.gif (408 bytes)

Small blue rectangle bullet

wb00946_.gif (633 bytes)

Small purple and blue rectangle bullet

wb00943_.gif (417 bytes)

Small dark blue rectangle bullet

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